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Illona Clark. Children's illustration portfolio.

Gone Fishing
Chris Moose
Look Up

Acrylic Painting

Concept design for a 'Library Dragon'.

'Bobot' Steampunk picture book, written and illustrated by Illona Clark.

'Bobot was a robot. He came from a long line of robots, and together they bent, twisted and bolted, making useful things with their big strong arms. But Bobot was different. Bobot had dreams. Bobot had found a book....'

Strongbot with angry clockwork penguins.

'All aboard the circus train!'


'Millie & Squidge' character design.

Dragon draws lunch. Poster design for a dragon-themed illustration workshop.

'Mervin's Marvellous Machine' picture book, written and illustrated by Illona Clark.

'Mervin's marvellous machine grew legs with big knees. He leapt from leaf to leaf, past giant raindrops with a group of green grasshoppers.'

'Mervin's marvellous machine grew hands with long fingers and a large grin. He swung through the trees with a group of mischievous monkeys. He was becoming a master of disguise.'

Double page spread for picture book, 'Dave and the Vacuum Creature'.

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